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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 12, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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illness. how the passengers are reacting. >> developing in the south bay officers open fire and kill a man. the call leading to the deadly use of force. the man would resigned amid an influence scandal involving pg&e now is getting honored. we have the details for michael peavy. thanks for joining us at 6:00. it is nice this morning. we have nice temperatures. >> feels like may. rather than february. unfortunately, with the record high temperatures it means there is a lack of rain and sierra snow with enough moisture that santa rosa at 2.5 miles at the recording station and it was down to a mile and a quarter. as we head through san rafael you can see 101 looking south to the golden gate bridge it is quiet and the plan mild at
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68 to 50. laying, how is the traffic? >> a new accident in san jose with one lane blocked if san jose at the bay bridge toll plaza it is busy. from the east bay to san francisco the drive take you 15 minutes. walnut creek is moving better than the plaza but you can see more traffic gumming up away from treat boulevard to highway 24. >> measles could be on the mines of many bart riders after a widespread watching they my have been exposed to the virus by another passenger and the biggest concern is for those would ward bart between lafayette and montgomery station between february 4-6. amy hollyfield is at the lafayette station. amy? >> some commuters we have met have concerns and questions and others would were vaccinated as
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children fowl like they have a suit of armor and are not too worried. this is bart's business of the line so health officials do have concerns about 25,000 people take this line each day. this virus is airborne for two hours. do the math, you can see why health officials are worried. the infected person took bart when he or she had the measles but did not know it. we are fining people have heard about it and this is on their minds. >> surprised and nervous. certainly. it is creepings crew the country. >> i didn't think about it. i had measles as a kid, the shots and all that so i don't worry too much. >> the timeline shows the patient was on bart on wednesday, thursday and friday during the morning and evening commute. the lafayette train to the machine government -- montgomery station and worked at
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linkedin. the restaurant e&o kitchen is also notified and the h -- has assureed everyone they should be fine and everyone is vaccinated. the movements patient will not be in bart or at welcome today. he or she will stay in isolation if three weeks. developing news, the scene in san jose after two officers shot and killed a man responding to a 9-1-1 call last night when someone with a enough was trying to break into a stranger's home. the man charged at officers while holding the knife. they order him to drop the weapon the he did it. the officers oned fire. he was taken to the hospital where he died. if san jose, the city has officially launched a database of surveillace cameras signing off on the voluntary registry in
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the fall with a goal to have residents and business owners voluntarily register their cameras. the network could be useful in fighting crime and save valuable time if police officers during the investigation. officers will not have access to cameras or video until the owner gives them permission. >> san francisco medical examiner has identified the person whose headless tore so was found in a suitcase 58-year-old of vallejo who was seen as a bus stop a week's the dismembered body was found stuffed in a suitcase a block from market street. other body parts were found in dumpsters but they know who the victim is the cause of death is still pending. >> police need your help to fine a "person of interest" in a hit-and-run crash that last a teen dead. they are looking for this man, 23-year-old who is the owner of a cadillac that hit a garbage truck on wednesday and took off. the body of the 14-year-old san
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jose girl was found next to the burned out car half a mile from the accident. police are looking for a man would groped a man in a macy's bathroom. the victim was urinating in the bathroom at macy's in palo alto and a man grabbed his rear and then ran off. miss are investigating the poll it could be related to an attack on monday at the community center in palo alto. safety advocates are protesting outside a tribute dinner in san francisco today for michael peavy the former public utilityies commission president. it is sponsored by lobbyists and officials with the governor brown's administration with donation of $250 benefiting uc berkeley. willie brown is emceeing the dinner at the exchange building in the financial district and me you have and the p.u.c. are under scrutiny over questionable
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communications with pg&e after the explosion in 2010. >> lt. governor knew some is running for for the democrat and federal san francisco mayor admits jumping in the race three years early is unusual but has never been a fan of pretense or procrastination and believes reforming the tabs code and climate change are the most important issues. the current governor's last term is up in january of 2019. >> stanford students and parents can expect to pay more for tuition. the university board has approved 3.5 percent increase for undergraduates in the fall bringing the total for undergraduate students on campus to over $60 the a free tuition to those earning under $100,000. >> in washington congress is considering the president's request to formally authorize
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military force against isis militants. there is a new warning of fighters slipping and the united states. a top fbi official calls isis dangerously competent. good morning. fbi officials say isis is using facebook and youtube to spread their message and get thousands to join the fight including an unknown number of americans who can return at any type. >> as airstrikes pound sis targets in syria and iraq a warning of how the war could come home. top f.b.i. officials concerned of how effective isis is using the internet and social media to recruit saying they cannot keep track of all of the recruits who have last europe and the united states to fight with isis and could return to strike here. >> i don't know every person there or everyone coming back. it is not chose to being under
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control. >> the urgency of the fight stressed by president obama on wednesday as he asked conditioning to formally authorized military force that could involve putting special oches troops on the ground. >> this is a difficult mission and it will remain difficult. >> on capitol hill, bipartisan skepticism and lawmakers are concerned the the war powers ask is too road or does not go far enough. now check out with meteorologist mike nicco and the long weekend and how is it going to be? >> we will talk temperatures. we will start on the peninsula with mid-40's and palo alto is 45 wood side is 44. foster city is 47. san mateo is 49. belmont and san bruno 51 and san carlos is 48.
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mountain view is 49 53 in los gatos and 50 in hair and 51 in oakland and mill valley and 41 in santa rosa for a cool spot and san ramon is 46 and antioch is 47. headed to the afternoon sunshine and high clouds. mid-60's to mid-70's around the coast. 68 to 72 inland and an the bay 67 to 74 and record highs are possible through the weekend low-to-mid 70s. we will see if they last in the seven-day forecast. it look like traffic is moo-ing down i-80 from university avenue through berkeley to emeryville and the maze and it is busy at the maze at 15 minutes, 12-15 minutes between the maze francisco. northbound 87, two cars are blocking the stretch.
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beyond the accident it is clear to 280 and julian street and a wide view of the south bay with the exception of we we between 280 and 680 and nimitz at 24 miles per hour. slowing at 35 miles per hour in the southbound direction approaching 880 because of construction. watch out for that, it is around until 7:00 this morning northbound into cupertino nice and light. coming up the journalism world remembers "60 minutes," correspondent bob simon. >> what is leading to the sudden spike of americans renowning their citizenship. >> facebook immortal: they are letting users live on in social media after their passing. stay tuned.
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>> covering fremont, palo alto north bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. a look at san mateo bridge on the hayward side and traffic is moving smoothly right now but
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many places across the bay area are backed up. leyla gulen will have the details in a bit. really tragic news this morning, the journalism world is mourning the passing of "60 minutes," corporate bob simon dying in a car accident last night in manhattan. town car he was riding in hit a mercedes and spun out of control and doctors pronouned him dead at the hospital. among highlights the many, man highlights of his career, surviving 40 days a p.o.w. in iraq during the first gulf war a statement was issued say "it is a tragedy made worse because we lost him in a car action, a man who escaped more difficult situations than almost any journalist this modern times." bob simon was 73. >> a record number of americans are giving up their united states citizenship. last year 3,400 decided to give
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up passports up 14 percent from 2013. the rise is did you to complicated tax paperwork that americans living overseas do not want to deal with unlike other countries the united states taxes all citizens on their income no matter where it is earned. menlo park facebook is letting users manage their accounts after their death. they announced you can choose a so-called legacy contact who can respond to friend requests and archive posted photos. here is how it works. you can fine legacy contact typing in the person's page they notify facebook of the we passing and then you can post on the loved ones behalf. >> a major flaw in how tolls are collected on the toll plaza. there are no toll takeers and
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now drivers are forced to pay penalties they do not citizen. >> i went to renew and they said there was a hold. >> "7 on your side" investigation reveal whose is in charge and why the company gets money for each violation. that is tonight at 11 o'clock right here. how is it looking, leyla? >> speaking of the golden gate bridge the toll five is retrofitted so it will be closed the next month. be careful as you pull in slow down. here is a look at san mateo bridge and traffic is moving along pretty well as we start to head and the thick of our morning commute. we are not finding delays pushing cross the water into the peninsula interest pass step city. we do have an accident in san jose northbound side at 87 one lane is blocked and now we are seeing halfer backups away from highway 85 as we take you over to the a pass, still
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bumper-to-bumper traffic as you head away from tracy to dublin and that traffic is going to take you 35 minutes to head from tracy to dublin. we will start with live doppler 7 hd showing another very try commute around the bay area with letted fog, if any, and unfortunately it is dry around lake tahoe as the storm suspects are missing the sierra and record warmth like it is coming here. we had a record high yesterday and a record high is possible today at 62 and another one tomorrow at 6 a and another one on saturday at 62 and another one on sunday at 60 and rounding owe the presidential holiday it is 54 still ten degrees warmer-than-average for lake. it will be warm. and slushy. we will look from sutro tower you can see the high clouds making for a beautiful and colorful sunrise again and i will try to capture those and
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put them on twitter which get the most "likes." high clouds and record warmth today and through the weekend and beach hazards are developing through saturday and cooling next week and the transition is dry. today, 72 in oakland is the best chance for record high and we will be joined in the 70's by san francisco to san mateo and half moon bay and palo alto and fremont and livermore and san jose and morgan hill and san that cruz and santa rosa cloverdale. if you are headed to paradise postcard perfect it will be gorgeous at pebble beach kicking off at 8:00 at 55 degrees. a light code. it will be shed at 16 degrees warmer by look. ending at 4:00 you will have i'm to mingle and it will still be 69 at 5:00.
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mid-to-upper 40s at midnight. did your heat are run last night? saving money with the warm night upper 40s to low 50s and san francisco is 53. two areas of high pressure and we have a plume of moisture that will bring us the high clouds, sinking air equals warming air so we are near record highs. check out the areas of low pressure because of that we have 15 to 20' as well ass and at five o'clock this morning until 6:00 saturday evening we have rough surf. temperatures remain in the 70's through sunday and monday and tuesday and wednesday cooling arrives. time for the toyota report our snow desk is better -- our snow depth is better. diamond peek has 36 inches and mount rose is 68 inches for a base taking you from two hours and 50 minutes to 3 1/2 hours.
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a few other resorts including kirkwood up to 52 inches and heavy especially is up to 35 ims and no chains are required because mother nature is not producing snow. >> with cars you have gas, electric and hybrid. wait wait another option. cars powered by hydrogen. "7 on your side" teams up with "consumer reports" to find out if they are right for your drive. >> but immigration, it will be a warm day with weather and traffic during the entire commercial
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i did it... do it...take the nature's bounty hair, skin and nails challenge. if your hair, skin and nails don't look more beautiful, we'll give you your money back. i did it...and i feel beautiful. visit for details. >> now, drivers are turning to a new option. the hydrogen. consumer consumer participates with "7 on your side" to check out the new vehicles. here is michael finney. >> good morning everyone hydrogen powered vehicles have long been just a clean fuel dream. now several automakers are introducing them. "consumer reports" checked out hyundai's fuel cell that looks
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just lick a typical small s.u.v. it is not. it is powered by hydrogen. the vehicles used a fuel cell rather than a battery. the fall cell is replenished with hydrogen combined with oxygen and the result is electricity to power the car. water is the only emission. "consumer reports" has evaluated the hyundai. >> it dries like a normal but without an engine it is more convey it. it will go 265 miles before being refueled which is amazing. >> unlike battery powered cars it does not take hours to charge. it should take five minutes or less at a hydrogen refueling station. there are only about a dozen hydro john fueling stations in the united states mostly on the west coast so right now hyundai is just making the fuel cell vehicle available in california and only with a lease at $500 a
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month. >> the technology is promising and advancing in a pretty rapid rate plus there is incentives available like tax breaks. >> other few cell cars are coming including from toyota and from honda. the safety california and toyota plan to build 40 more fueling stations by 2016. >> the only hydro kosta karageorge -- hydrogen car is priced a64,000. the honda is slated to release their hydrogen car in march of 2016. stay tuned.
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>> in the remark center that is the san mateo bridge with smooth sailing across the water to the peninsula but there is turbulence in the forecast when president obama arrives later this evening and i will tell you where and how that will back the commute when we check out my breakfast!
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> the skies are painted with beautiful colors. a great way to start the day. i am kristen sze. >> remind me to get you to write
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my love letter to my wife today. >> you are so good with words. >> i need all the help i can get. mike we are great in the weather department but obviously, a little warm. >> warp record high temperatures and that is more colorful than "50 shades of grey" wasn't it? >> we have pleasant hill road and petaluma and all with the possibility of fog and this is how it looks from mount tamalpais it is gorgeous. we are in the 40s and 50s and mild. mid-to-upper 60's by noon and upper 60's to low 70 by the afternoon and a gorgeous evening and 60 at 7:00. >> pretty black and white on the roads. >> it is. getting busy. it will be more busy later this afternoon when president obama visits san francisco but not too love if the roads then. walnut creek is slowing and the
6:31 am
tail lights are red so that is the color of love we will get to develop news in san jose where officers shot and killed a man they say tried to barge into a home with a knife. our reporter is at the scene on sherman street with the investigation going on right new. the street is quiet but year it was a much different scene police say they were spending to a 9-1-1 call of a man who was trying to break into a house and this happened yesterday at 5 o'clock on sherman street off of alma avenue. his responded to the 9-1-1 call of man with the and fronted. >> the suspect was carrying a knife and charged. he did not drop the message when
6:32 am
he was ordered. he struck hill one time when they fired. >> the hand was taken to the hospital where he died. the identity has not been releases. this is the first police shooting in san jose had year. the officers would shot the suspect are on leave pending investigation. >> several vigils are held for three north carolina college students, all muslim killed by a neighbor the 100 stanford students gathered for a vigil last night organized by the islamic society at the university. the victims' family call it a hate crime. the suspect 46-year-old craig hicks had a dispute over parking with the victims. his wife said he snapped and the shooting had nothing to do with a religion. a stanford student does not believe it a. >> someone who does not have hate in their heart for a person does not complain about noise with a gun and settle parking
6:33 am
dispute by killing three people by shooting them in the head. the sister of one victim wants it investigated as a hate crime. >> bart board will vote whether to ask prosecutors to drop charges against protesters who shut down the station in november. supporters who are call the bart 14 will protest this morning. the protesters were arrested for chaining then services to a bart train on black friday forcing officials to close the west oakland station for hours. russian president vladimir putin said a cease-fire will take effect in ukraine this weekend. vladimir putin announced both the rebels and government troops agreed stop fighting we sunday. this could end the conflict after 5,000 included in fighting
6:34 am
including civilians. >> president obama arrives in the bay area tonight. he land at sfo at 5:30 for a two-day strip and will be at stanford tomorrow for a summit on cyber security. he will then hold a round table talk. he will attend a democratic national competent fundraiser in san francisco's russian hill neighborhood. he is scheduled to leave the bay area on saturday morning. >> operations at 29 ports up and down the west coast including the port of oakland are suspended for four of the next five days over a labor dispute with the yawn representing dock workers. employers will not hire crews to led or unload ships today saturdays sunday, or monday when they have to pay weekend or holiday wages and have been complaining of a work slow down during negotiations which dock workers deny. >> the problems were caused by the employer to begin with and the congestion problem is worst. shutting down the ports is fought going to solve the
6:35 am
problem but will make it worse and the backup will be bigger. we want to get the problem solved and want the employers to come to the negotiating table, reach a fair agreement as soon as possible. >> the main sticking points are work rules, procedures, and safety measures. >> powerball featured in the east bay is one three that bring owners a face reward. matching five numbers in the $564 million powerball draw is not the jack president but worth $1.4 million. it was purchased at pop tomorrow market and liquor in san leandro on east 14th. three tickets in the nation matched all numbers sold in texas, north carolina and puerto rico. this was the third large of the jackpot in powerball history. >> measles on bart. a passenger may have exposed thousands of others to the con
6:36 am
take use illness and what bart is telling customers. >> a late night fire damaging a home belonging to an a list actor. >> check this out, the bay bridge toll plaza shows traffic packing up with weather and traffic during the
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>> we are backtracking colorful clouds this morning and record high temperatures as we head into the afternoon hours. hayward is not an official reporting station yet and has not been online long enough but you get to 69 it is a record high and 72 in oakland record high and the rest of us are within four degrees and san francisco we have to get to 80 so that is undoable the we have fog through the san joaquin valley and visibility less thank quarter-mile through 10:00 and low-to-mid 70s to monterey and low-to-mid 80's but breezy in southern california and record high yesterday to lake tahoe record high today again a record high temperature and saturday and possibly on sunday. >> we take you outside and we are headed along 680 merging with 238 traffic is moving along fine as we round the corner and it is moving and headed up to 880 and see what the drive is like and go in the southbound direction where we are going to find the delays. this is now where we start to see the brake lights flashing as
6:40 am
we go away from 580 and merging with 880 we will see how the traffic is moving along in the eastbound direction. you can see the traffic is empty and i will swing it back around so you can see where all the traffic is backing up the you can have extra time headed out there and we look at what is happening in san francisco a big accident causing major delays and this is near the palace of fine arts southbound highway 101 you can see the overturned vehicle with crews on the scene. it is solid backup with all that red and it and not affecting the phone just yet but expect delays from the tolls. trading is underway on wall street and coming up we go to the has dark if the morning money report and the best time to by an airplane ticket. movie movie hits the red carpet and what the stars are dishing about the steamy scenes. >> nothing but blue skies and
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>> covering los altos, antioch, petaluma and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. 6:43.
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james bond star pierce brosnan is deeding with damage to his home after a fire broke out last night at his mall but home. the fire starts in the garage. shortly before 10:00. it took 50 firefighters 35 minutes to income down the place. the 61-year-old actor was not hurt. no word on what started it or if brosnan was home alone. measles could be on the mines of many bart riders after a warning went out they may have been exposed to the virus by another passenger. >> the big concern is for those would road bart between lafayette and monday government -- and montgomery station between february 4-6. amy? it is on the mines of commuters we have talked to. they are concerns. they have questions. they are shrugging their shoulders and climbing on board to get to work. this is bart's business of the
6:45 am
line. they estimate 25,000 people ride it every day. now they are learning they were riding with a measles patient. the person did not know they had the measles yet. the virus can remain airborne for two hours so it is contagious. officials are concerned about the exposure from this case especially for people who are not vaccinated. >> a lot of people have not gotten the vaccinate for their kids but they could bring it to the kids which is not good. >> there is not much we don't know what happen and you do not know who is on your train. you hope for the best. i got vaccinated. that is all you can do. >> here is a look at the infected person's schedule. officials say the patient took the train from lafayette to montgomery station wrens, -- wednesday and thursday and friday in the morning and evening and worked at linked inand executives have told
6:46 am
employees of the case and worked at a local stunt have been alerted the patient ate there and all employees are vaccinated at e&o restaurant. this person will be in isolation for three weeks. we will turn to business news and we have breaking news, great online travel websites will become one. >> jane king has the money report. good morning to you. we are talking about expedia buying orbitz at $1.3 billion deal combining would giants of online travel hotel and air fares a move after expedia bought travelocredit all trades in the green is far despite january retail sales.
6:47 am
we are nonnot taking our money we are saving at at the bass stump and going shopping but are pay-as-you-go down debt. >> now, the i.r.s. fraud desection systemsor outdated. >> whole food oned nine new stores and though do see room to open 1200 more stores in the united states in the coming years. the best day to by a plane ticket is 47 days before the flight according for cheap air look at five million trips in 15,000 cities and the company found when you buy the ticket make as huge difference and ticket prices change an average of 70's times over 11 months. san francisco has the best tippers in the nation with bartenders and wait staff earning $15.50 an hour in tips and locally service workers made
6:48 am
half the income from tips. valentine's day is around the corner and if you are looking for love, this could help. >> a survey revealed the top ways love birds meet. the number one answer is...being introduced by friends. 24 percent of couples say that is how they met. 15 percent at school. 13 percent met at work. 8 percent met at a bar or party. and the same amount, 7 percent met online or through a date app. >> only 7 percent? i am surprised. >> maybe 50 percent online but they do not fine the right person. >> the key to fining love is for the william to settle for you. the women lower their standards and they will find love. >> we have high expectation for weather. it will be nice. >> let's get out of that.
6:49 am
the fog around santa rosa in santa rosa and the fog has been moving around so watch out for varying continues and you can see it is clear offer the golden gate bridge but we have a cross wind from the northeast at 14 minute so it is faster than the last couple of days and to the south you can see mid-to-upper 40s influence the south bay until milpitas at 50 and san jose and santa clara and saratoga and los gatos at 45 degrees. 55 in alameda and 52. danville is cool at 42 and brentwood is 46 and lafayette at 44 and the colors you will see if you take the ferry the bay waters churn because of the faster pregnant. high clouds and record warm and today is the first day beep --
6:50 am
beach hazards are developing. cooling this week. the transition usually brings rain but that will not happen this time. record high 74 degrees. in the low-to-mid 70's appeal appeal and fremont and san jose and livermore and morgan hill and santa cruz and half moon bay and san francisco and santa rosa and lake port and cloverdale and the rest of us in the upper 60's and postcard weather is picture perfect. we would love to see your at pebble beach. low-to-mid 70's in pen public through the afternoon and 69 add you hid back home at 5:00. temperatures will tut drop tonight mid-to-upper 40s inland and low 50s elsewhere and you may not need the heater overnight especially in san francisco at 53 degrees. two areas of high produce are dominating our weather with high clouds overriding the sinking
6:51 am
air warmth. look how stormy it is in the gulf that is kicking up the wages through 6:00 and my seven-day forecast keeps the record warmth low-to-mid 70's through sunday and president's day is cooling into next week. notice the absence of wet weather. >> we hit the roads and traveling through oakland northbound 880 pushing to the downtown area so you can see clear conditions on the northbound side swing around and things are moving in that southbound direction where we tend to see most of the traffic closer to 238 and at 238 it is jammed influence hayward and we will swing this around again to see how the traffic is moving along and it appears we still have good gaps between the cars. in san francisco this is now showing any gaps and it will impact mass transit with an
6:52 am
overturned vehicle near the fine arts palace and off the golden gate bridge to the presidio is jammed. southbound highway 101 that is where the accident took place. you will find delays on muni and golden gate transit with no word open when the crash clears. we are to 13 miles per hour away from highway 1 and looking slow to the golden gate bridge tolls. >> would days' it hits the movie theaters "50 shades of grey" had the premiere in germany and the actor who plays christian gray was joined by a co-star would plays the love interest and said she has not gotten used to the sex questions that come with promoting the film but filming the steamy scenes was good fun because the pair got along so well in real life. stay tuned.
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here are seven things to know before you go: san jose police are investigating an officer involved shooting that left a man dead. officers were spending to reports after man with a myself inside a home on sherman street and he is charged. the officers are on paid leave.
6:55 am
>> two a bart passenger infected with measles may have exposed other riders to the virus. the person took bart between lafayette and montgomery station in the morning and evening. symptoms can take two weeks to appear. >> police are looking for a man would groped another man in a bathroom at macy's in palo alto. the man grabbed his rear and ran off. >> if you live in the east bay check your powerball ticket. someone bought a winning ticket that is working $1.4 million for matching file numbers in the $564 million draw. three tickets matched all six numbers in texas, north carolina and puerto rico. >> the first round of the pebble beach p almost o -- begins and buster posey is teeing off at 8:55 with his pro and ahead of them another
6:56 am
familiar face to giants, the pitcher. enjoy the view from the ferry if you take one it will be choppy and the freezes are faster at 15 miles per hour. high clouds and sun and record temperatures 68 to 72 inland and 74 around the bay. number seven we have sky 7 flying over san francisco palace of fine arrests with an overturned pickup in the center of your scene northbound 101 and we do have lanes blocked off major delays and we have an overturned vehicle near the presidio of palace of fine arts in san francisco and what it is doing to the golden gate bridge. we do have heavy delays. you can follow us online or twitter or facebook. have a great day.
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good morning, america. breaking news -- >> your winning powerball number, 19. >> jackpot. three winning tickets sold in that massive powerball lottery winners in texas, north carolina and puerto rico, our crew breaks the news to one of the store owners. also breaking overnight, tragic accident. "60 minutes" legend bob simon killed in a car crash. from vietnam to the iraq war, the veteran correspondent who spent decades covering the biggest stories in the world. blockbuster trial. tearful testimony from chris kyle's widow taking the stand, in the american sniper case, clutching his dog tags. her final good-bye to her husband and kyle's troubling text message about his killer. i think he ran up against a mama bear. >> and dramatic takedown.


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